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Flight School

Managing Your Operational Safety:
Universities/Flight Schools

Flight School

Supporting Aviation Universities & Flight Schools

  • Baldwin offers a software solution that is highly customizable to address scalability and complexity in operations.

  • Baldwin provides a user-friendly interface designed to support ongoing frontline participation in SMS.

  • Baldwin software allows for intuitive interface across all modes: desktop, phone and tablet utilizing QR codes for ease of reporting safety issues for students.

  • Baldwin has clients in all transportation segments, including air and ground ambulance, public service, touring, oil & gas, agriculture, UAS, MROs, FBOs, ground transportation and utilities.

  • We’re all about “peopleware”. We are here to answer questions not only about the software, but how the software is best applied in your organization's SMS environment. Our highly experienced and credentialed team of safety experts is available 24/7/365 to support you!


UAS Guide

Build an Effective UAS-AAM Safety Program

Helpful steps to start a safety management program for your drone operation.

SMS Guide

10 Steps to Building an Effictive SMS

Establish an effective safety management system with robust analysis, mitigation development, monitoring, and reporting.

SMS VP Guide

Getting Started in SMS Voluntary Program

Learn more about the FAA's voluntary SMS program and how you can get started.

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