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Safety Programs

Safety Programs Tailored to Meet the Unique Needs of your Operation

At Baldwin Safety & Compliance, we have crafted a revolutionary software platform to help you tailor the perfect SMS solution for your organization. With our proprietary software technology, we provide scalable, intuitive, and flexible solutions that empower you to enhance safety systems and cultivate a strong safety culture.

What sets us apart is our team of highly experienced and credentialed safety management experts, available 24/7 to support and guide you during and after SMS implementation. 

Here are some of the key features of our core safety management program.



Baldwin Lite

✓ Assurance Charts 

✓ Baldwin Internal Evaluation Program (IEP) 

✓ Documents 

✓ Form Dashboard 

✓ Forms*

✓ Hazards 

✓ My Submissions 

✓ Quick Risk Safety Profile 

✓ Report Card 

✓ Safety News 

✓ Safety Objectives

✓ Safety Performance Indicators

     * 5 forms included

Additional forms and features available a la carte


Baldwin Advanced

Includes Baldwin Lite Services

✓ Accident Prevention Effort (APE)

✓ Audit Manager 

✓ Bulletins 

✓ Charts 

✓ Classifications 

✓ Dedicated Forms Page 

✓ Discussion Board 

✓ Excelerator 

✓ External Links 

✓ External Reports 

✓ Flights 

FOQA Data Import

✓ Form Change Management 


✓ Landing Zones 

✓ Locations 

✓ Maps

✓ Reminders

✓ Status Board 

✓ Trips


Software Add-ons



ER Alert 


✓ Operational Control Center (OCC) 


  • Assigned onboarding team so your team is up & running in < 30 days

  • Leadership (Safety Manager) system training

  • Basic, on-demand system training for general users

  • ELearning "SMS Overview for the Safety Managers" course included (1)

  • (optional) for expanded safety management knowledge

  • Portal Knowledge Base available 24/7 

Seamless Onboarding
Custom Forms


  • A full suite of forms available to customize for your operation’s specific needs: 

    • Internal Audits

    • Risk Assessments (FRAT /MRAT)

    • Safety Reports

    • Customize one of our 70+ forms to meet your operation's needs, or create a custom form


NOTE: For an enhanced experience, add our Manuals Feature


  • Document Drawer for uploading manuals/documents/videos

  • Status Board to track training, license renewals, etc.

  • Bulletins with assigned required reads

  • Knowledge Base - system training available 24/7

  • Discussion Board - interactive conversations within your secure portal

Engagement Tools
Real-time Reporting


  • Quick Risk Safety Profile with data collection throughout the system

  • Customized Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs)

  • Customized Safety Performance Monitoring (SPMs)

  • The Hazard feature (also known as hazard log or safety risk profile) is a tool used to document and assess hazards found in the organization. Additionally, this feature allows for initial and residual risk assessment which allows for an overall risk profile of the organization across the different functions. The hazard feature is a tool that is foundational to safety risk management and contributes to risk control validation.

  • Internal Evaluation Program

  • Audit Manager - CAMTS, IS-BAO, IS-BAH, etc

  • InfoGraphics - Visual representations of data intended to present information quickly and clearly


See the additional items Baldwin has to offer to enhance your safety program! For more information about Upgrades , Click Here

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