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Operational Support

Simplify the Process of Maintaining

and Updating Your Manuals

Inteim Safety Manage

Interim Safety Manager
Expert Oversight and Seamless Transition

The interim safety manager program offered by Baldwin Safety & Compliance is designed to provide organizations with a seamless solution when they require the services of a temporary Safety Manager due to various reasons such as transitions, vacancies, or other circumstances.

With Baldwin's interim safety manager program, you can rest assured that your safety operations will continue to run smoothly even when your organization is in the process of searching for a permanent Safety Manager. Our Safety Management Experts are available to provide comprehensive support and guidance, ensuring that your safety program remains effective and compliant with regulatory standards.


In addition to overseeing the day-to-day functioning of your SMS, we offer training and mentoring services for new Safety Managers, enabling them to get up to speed quickly and effectively. This training and mentoring process empowers your new Safety Managers with the necessary knowledge and tools to excel in their roles, ensuring a smooth transition once a permanent Safety Manager is in place.

Interim Safety Manager

IS-BAO / IS-BAH Support
Navigating IS-BAO / IS-BAH Compliance with Ease

Baldwin's "Simplementation" program is a streamlined pathway for organizations to achieve IS-BAO (International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations) or IS-BAH (International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling) registration within a remarkably short timeframe of 8 to 12 weeks. This program harnesses Baldwin's proprietary technology, facilitating the collection and analysis of safety data, while offering customizable manuals that adhere to regulatory standards and industry best practices, covering crucial areas such as Safety Management, Operations, Maintenance, and Emergency Response Plan.

Central to the success of the "Simplementation" program is Baldwin's team of experienced and credentialed safety professionals, providing expert guidance throughout the registration journey. With staff members holding credentials in IS-BAO, IS-BAH, and specialized training from the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering’s Safety & Security program, Baldwin ensures a smooth, cost-effective implementation process. As a registered International Standards Support Services Affiliate (I3SA) for both IS-BAO and IS-BAH, Baldwin stands as a reliable partner, enabling organizations to attain these prestigious standards while bolstering safety practices and operational excellence.


Safety Performance Monitoring Program (SPMP)
Stay compliant with industry standards

In a world where the significance of Safety Management Systems (SMS) is on the rise, organizations worldwide are in search of streamlined implementation options that validate their safety practices efficiently and economically.

While IS-BAO or IS-BAH registration and other audit standards serve as valuable methods to validate SMS implementation, these standards demand adherence to various other quality management aspects, including SMS. Baldwin's Safety Performance Monitoring Program (SPMP) offers a solution aligned with ICAO and FAA Part 5 guidelines, catering to global safety management systems and aiding compliance with standards such as IS-BAO, IS-BAH, BASC, and more.

Baldwin's Safety Performance Monitoring Program (SPMP) adopts a structured, straightforward approach that harnesses modern virtual technology in place of traditional on-site audits. Our reputation is built upon the authenticity and thoroughness of the Statement of Compliance, a comprehensive assessment carried out by a certified safety professional within the industry. This evaluation entails a web-based examination of the SMS and its associated activities, encompassing a review of organizational documents and the utilization of online safety tools.

Upon confirming alignment with the SPMP requirements and SMS principles, the operator will receive an official letter affirming their commitment to establishing and upholding a robust Safety Management System. This letter will be subject to renewal based on the SMS maturity and fulfillment of program requisites during the renewal period.

Safety Performance Monitoring Program
Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis 
Learn where your Safety Program needs Attention

Baldwin Safety & Compliance offers a comprehensive Gap Analysis service, tailored for transportation-related organizations. This analysis is a vital tool that illuminates discrepancies between an organization's safety management systems and the regulatory standards they need to adhere to. Our team of experienced safety professionals conducts a meticulous review of your existing safety protocols and procedures, identifying areas where your practices deviate from regulatory requirements.

Through this process, we provide a clear roadmap for achieving regulatory compliance. Our experts offer actionable recommendations to bridge the identified gaps, which may involve refining documentation processes, updating operational protocols, and integrating our innovative SMS technology solutions. This approach not only ensures regulatory adherence but also strengthens your safety culture, enhances operational efficiency, and fosters a positive organizational impact. Baldwin's Gap Analysis is a pivotal step toward aligning your safety practices with regulatory benchmarks, empowering your organization to thrive in a dynamic and regulated environment.

Gap Analysis
Safety Performance Monitoring

"I just finished making and reviewing the changes in the SMS manual....I just approved it.  New system is intuitive and working well."

- A Satisfied Baldwin Client

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