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Managing Your Operational Safety:
Uncrewed Vehicle Systems



Baldwin has developed easy-to-use safety management programs with customized forms, reports, manuals, and a complete suite of SMS training products and audits designed specifically for UAS (Uncrewed Air System) operators.

Additionally, a proprietary UAS audit tool for cybersecurity, flight, and maintenance operations meets ICAO guidance.

Baldwin's risk and safety management solutions for UAS/sUAS are currently used in agriculture, oil & gas, utilities, public services, medical transport and delivery services.

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), also referred to as UAM, envisions a safe and efficient aviation transportation system that will use highly automated aircraft to operate and transport passengers or cargo at lower altitudes within urban and suburban areas. AAM will be composed of an ecosystem that considers the evolution and safety of the aircraft, the framework for operation, access to airspace, infrastructure development, and community engagement.

As a novel transportation system, AAM will come with novel challenges and threats. The Baldwin system can help AAM operators better understand and navigate these challenges through robust reporting, analysis, mitigation development, and monitoring.

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)

UAS Guide

Build an Effective UAS-AAM Safety Program

Helpful steps to start a safety management program for your drone operation.

SMS Guide

10 Steps to Building an Effictive SMS

Establish an effective safety management system with robust analysis, mitigation development, monitoring, and reporting.

SMS VP Guide

Getting Started in SMS Voluntary Program

Learn more about the FAA's voluntary SMS program and how you can get started.

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