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Anne Marie Sollazzo

Senior Safety Manager

Anne Marie Sollazzo began her aviation career in 1996 as a Technical Writer for Camp Systems after earning her B.S. in Aeronautics from Dowling College. Before joining Camp Systems, she was a flight student and interned at Republic Airport Operations (FRG) and Dowling’s National Aviation & Transportation Center (HWV).

In 1998, she left aviation to explore other opportunities but returned in 2014 as the Dispatch Coordinator for Farmingdale State College’s Aviation Center at Republic Airport in Farmingdale, NY. She oversaw 25 CFIs, 100 student pilots, and 22 aircraft for the college’s Part 141 flight school. During her tenure, she was instrumental in helping the college obtain AABI Accreditation and mentored the Alpha Eta Rho chapter on campus, fostering her passion for teaching aviation safety, training, and compliance.

In 2018, Anne Marie took on a new challenge as the full-time Director of Safety for Northeastern Aviation, a Part 135 operator at FRG. Despite being new to Part 135 Safety Management Systems, she quickly adapted and excelled, becoming a trained Safety Manager via Flight Safety International and an ISO-9001 Auditor. She also participated in numerous training sessions, with Baldwin Safety Chats and the Bombardier Safety Stand Down being among her favorites. Over the next five years, she led 8 external audits, conducted countless SMS employee training sessions, and demonstrated that with support and conviction, passion can lead to significant achievements.

In 2023, Anne Marie joined Liberty Jet as the Director of Safety, a Part 135 operator at MacArthur Airport (ISP) in Ronkonkoma, NY. Her duties included operational compliance, Part 142 training, and company systems. She implemented Flight Data Monitoring and enhanced the SMS by incorporating Baldwin SMS technology.

Anne Marie now brings her expertise in SMS, teaching, and mentoring to Baldwin Safety & Compliance as a Senior Safety Manager. A Baldwin user since 2016, she has also been a member of the Baldwin Client Advisory Board since 2019.

Anne Marie Sollazzo
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