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The Flight Before Christmas

Updated: Feb 20

‘Twas the flight before Christmas, when all through the cabin; The lights flickered on for seat belts to fasten.

The passengers nestled all snug in their seats; With visions of family, friends, and retreats.

With masks and sanitizer as the newest dress; Holidays this year are so different one must confess.

Despite the uncertainty crew members discuss; The new safety practices that are now a must.

Proper risk assessments and checklists complete; It is time to remove things from the aisle, including your feet.

After the brief, tray tables and belongings stowed; The Captain announces the flight is a go.

As the wheels lifted up and the nose raised in pitch; The flight was on its way and takeoff was without a hitch.

The teens with their headphones, adults with their books; And even the babies pacified by their Nuks.

Turned heads down the aisle to the sound of a clatter; A flight attendant’s cart bearing drinks and meal platters.

With bellies so full and well wishes professed; The holiday travelers shut their eyes for some rest.

Except for a girl with her gaze to the glass; Who smiled and waved as a sleigh flew on past.

She wonders if Santa received her wish list; And how he remembers where everyone lives.

As the destination is in sight and the lights come back on; The captain announces the amount of snow is a ton.

The sight of the snow as a few passengers were arising; Emerging excitement is not surprising.

The runways are clear, instruments dialed, hands on the yoke; The pilots landing so smooth many souls not awoke.

‘Til the P.A. chimed brightly with words so sincere; "Merry Christmas from Baldwin and a Happy New Year!"



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