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  • Nancy Baldwin

Baldwin New Tools October 2019

Updated: May 27, 2020

Baldwin Safety & Compliance, a leader in developing, assessing and implement

ing safety in the transportation industry, has announced three new capabilities and features to its Safety/Quality Management System (SMS/QMS) that are designed to make their clients’ operations more effective and comprehensive. Emergency Alert, Status Board and Audit Manager will add to the quality of the industry’s most efficient, customized Safety/Quality Management Systems.

“Our approach to Safety Management includes a Quality Management component that fosters continuous innovation and enhancement of our system…and we tailor our products specifically for each client,” explained Don Baldwin, President of Baldwin Aviation. “Especially with larger organizations that have multiple sites and diverse requirements, there’s a need to ensure quality responses, not just a checklist of ‘to do’ items. These new features are outgrowths of our approach to SMS—and they’re useful and adaptable to small and large operations.”

“We are continually driven by our clients to evaluate and adapt the tools and methods we offer to stay ahead of the developing trends in the industry,” added J. D. Smith, Baldwin’s Project Manager. “We’re committed to continuous improvement so we’re rolling out these latest enhancements to our Safety Management Systems. A new Emergency Alert feature will speed up response times and capture important, relevant information. Status Board will track training, operational and regulatory milestones to ensure that personnel are “current” and properly qualified; and the Audit Manager function will allow an operator to assign responsibilities, check progress and evaluate results.” Smith noted.

Emergency Alert

In the event of a mishap or emergency event, the Baldwin Emergency Alert feature will notify key responders by text and e-mail. It will provide a configurable notification message to key ERP personnel and individualized checklists depending on the recipient’s role. It will also provide information for a call center to log incoming and outgoing phone calls, as well as the time and date of key events.

Status Board

This feature allows an operator to track expiring training and operational requirements such as check rides, medicals, and regulatory milestones. It can be configured specifically to the client and the event so that grace periods can be built into the calendar.

Audit Manager

Audit Manager offers audit forms (which can be customized) that aid operators in assigning responsibilities, checking the progress and evaluating and analyzing results of safety and quality initiatives. It’s a way to monitor progress and effectiveness of activities that might otherwise be overlooked or go unaddressed.

“We have developed our own process for building these types of tools for our clients,” Smith pointed out. “Our priorities are to be responsive and add value to their Safety and Quality efforts. When a client has suggestions, we collect those ideas and prioritize them. We put them into a form that allows our in-house development team to produce, test internally, refine with inputs and clarifications from the client and then release them. Safety and quality requirements continue to evolve. We are committed to growing our capabilities, expanding our offerings and providing tools to our clients that make their efforts more effective and efficient,” he continued. “These recently developed customizable SMS/QMS tools are the latest enhancements to Baldwin’s safety and quality software that also supports ASAP/ASIAS, FOQA/FDM, MELs, and an extensive library of FAA/ICAO/ISBAO/ISBAH based manuals developed for every segment in non-commercial and commercial transportation,” Smith concluded.



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