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5 Things Your Org Can Be Doing Now to Prepare for Life After Corona

Updated: Feb 20

Here are five things your organization can be doing to be proactive and efficient to prepare for normal operations after COVID-19.

1. Efficient use of time and available resources.

During this time, it is important to utilize time and resources in an efficient manner. Instead of looking at change as a negative, embrace it, and take the time as an opportunity for growth and development. Determine what resources are available and brainstorm ideas of projects and/or tasks that may have been put on hold. Many organizations have seen a decrease in operations, and some have put operations on hold. This is the perfect opportunity to be proactive and set your organization up for success because the Aviation and Aerospace Industries will continue to thrive and grow at an exponential rate.

2. Review of company manuals, policies and procedures. Having down time is the perfect opportunity to review company manuals, policies and procedures. Ideally, this should be a continuous task, but having down time is an advantageous time to really dig into your manuals and make sure information is up to date and policies are in accordance with current regulations. Baldwin Safety and Compliance monitors regulations and ensure client manuals meet the criteria set forth by agencies such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

3. Virtual Training Virtual training can be very beneficial during times where classroom training is not a feasible option. There are many different virtual training opportunities that can engage employees and make sure they are up to date on training requirements. Baldwin Safety and Compliance has made virtual training a solution for many clients and offers customizable training to meet all unique needs. Any training that can be done virtually should be scheduled during to help utilize employee availability and overall efficiency.

4. Communication Having an effective form of communication with employees during this time is also very beneficial. Communication lines should stay open and be available to employees. Many organizations have created virtual resource centers to ensure employees are updated and kept informed on all possible changes. The resource center should provide the opportunity for employees to ask questions, voice concerns and have somewhere to turn to for accurate information from reputable resources such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Having weekly virtual meetings also aids in communication among an organization and provides an additional opportunity for questions and/or concerns.

5. Interpret sustainable practices All organizations have areas that could possibly use a little improvement. Use this time to evaluate overall quality and efficiency of operations and determine specific areas that may need improvement. Encourage employees to participate in the process of improvement and be open to ideas and possible innovative methods and strategies they may have. This not only encourages collaboration and team work, but also aids in sustainable development of workforce, diversity and performance. If at all possible, this is also the perfect time to give back to the community or adjust operations to aid the country in other possible ways.

Be creative, embrace change in expected patterns and try look to at things in a different and positive perspective!



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