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  • Nancy Baldwin

FAA Issues Updated Advisory Circular on AAIP (Approved Aircraft Inspection Program AC 135-10B

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

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Last week, the FAA issued advisory circular (AC) 135-10B, Approved Aircraft Inspection Program (AAIP), canceling AC 135-10A, Approved Aircraft Inspection Program, dated December 22, 1993. The FAA notes the AC provides information and guidance that can be used to develop and obtain approval of an AAIP. 14 CFR Part 135, §135.419 provides for an AAIP, when formally approved by the FAA and “applies to aircraft type certificated (TC) for nine or less passenger seats that are authorized for operations under Part 135. An AAIP benefits air carriers by allowing them to develop and utilize inspection programs more suitable to aircraft in the air carrier’s operating environment than the conventional 100-hour/annual inspections that 14 CFR Part 91 requires.”

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