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Consultation on CD 1510OS-2 - Improvements to the new rules for fatigue management for flight crew m

CD 1510OS-2

CASA wishes to advise that CD 1510OS-2 – Improvements to the new rules for fatigue management for flight crew members is now available for comment.

The consultation draft of the proposed amendments is available at


During the period August to October 2015, CASA consulted on proposed amendments to the fatigue rules, including changes to the basic limits and the addition of new appendices for ballooning and mustering. CASA would like to thank the aviation community for contributing to the consultation.


The consultation highlighted further opportunities to improve the fatigue rules. We have been working with representatives from industry, including medical transport operators, on the latest proposed amendments and we now want your feedback.

Key changes we are seeking feedback on include:

  • The introduction of a new appendix (Appendix 4B) available to medical transport or emergency service operations. The new appendix has been developed in consultation with affected stakeholders taking into account their unique operating characteristics.

  • Clarification that an in-flight crew rest facility must be sufficiently comfortable for a flight crew member (FCM) to obtain sleep.

  • A less prescriptive definition of 'suitable sleeping accommodation' for aerial work operations.

  • The extension of Appendix 5A to all aerial work operations. The proposed prior sleep opportunity requirements under this appendix have also been amended to ensure the FCM does not undertake any duties during the three local nights prior to a flight duty period (FDP).

  • The ability for an operator to consistently use an alternative 'local time' for a specified location, if its use meets certain criteria.

  • Clarification that the Order does not apply to private operations.

  • Further clarification of the off-duty period requirements under Appendix 1.

  • Clarification for augmented crew operations under Appendix 2.

  • Provision for operator proficiency checks and flight reviews to be conducted under the limits of Appendix 5 and 5A (where relevant to an operator conducting operations under those appendices).

  • Amendments to flight duty limits within Appendix 5.

This will be the final round of amendments to the prescriptive appendices until the formal post-implementation review is conducted. We are working to incorporate industry feedback and finalise improvements to the rules as soon as possible to enable a smooth transition by 1 May 2017.


All comments should be sent to the Fatigue Management team, by close of business 11 May 2016.

View this Consultation Draft on the CASA website:

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