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  • Nancy Baldwin

NTSB Joins the Fight Against Misfueling

Last week, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) joined the effort to prevent incidents of misfueling with the release of two Safety Alerts: Line Personnel: Fueling Matters (SA-051) and Pilots: Fueling Mistakes (SA-050). Both of these NTSB Safety Alerts specifically reference NATA’s Safety 1st Misfueling Prevention Program and emphasize the important steps for preventing misfueling outlined in the program. In the nearly two months since NATA released the Safety 1st Misfueling Prevention Program, almost 1,500 users have completed the free awareness training. The Safety 1st Misfueling Prevention Program outlines a few simple steps pilots, line service professionals, FBO customer service representatives and managers can take to dramatically reduce the risk of misfueling. The Misfueling Prevention Program can be found at: For updates on misfueling prevention and other Safety 1st programs, please follow the “The Safety Net” blog.

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