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Program Brings ISBAO Registration within Reach of the Small Operator with ISSSA Member’s Support

Hilton Head Island, SC— Under a new IBAC (International Business Aviation Council) Policy 2015-3, Baldwin Aviation, an IS-BAO and ISSSA (International Standards Support Services Affiliate) registered company, will now be able to extend the benefits of a co-operative IS-BAO registration plan to qualifying small non-commercial flight departments [1 aircraft, 4 or less full-time employees] through their visionary SAFETY CO-OP™ program. Baldwin was also the first registered ISSSA Company in 2012.

“The small operator has a unique set of challenges that the well-resourced large flight organization does not face. With IBAC’s guidance, our team streamlined the process for these small operators so it’s not so overwhelming,” said Don Baldwin, president of Baldwin Aviation. “For small operators wanting to become IS-BAO registered, Baldwin’s SAFETY CO-OP™ program offers a partnership that includes guidance and support through the entire IS-BAO process and significant discounts (implementation, audits and CBT training). Our credentialed safety professionals work with the operator to ensure they conform to IS-BAO standards and assist them in the creation and development of their own unique mission. Fulfilling the role of Safety Manager reporting to our client’s Chief Pilot, we regularly monitor the safety program and conduct annual reviews and safety surveys.”

Qualifying organizations participating with Baldwin in the SAFETY CO-OP™ program will be fully implemented with IS-BAO standards while retaining operational control. Documentation (manuals, forms, reports) and procedures will be tailored specifically to the client’s operations. “This co-operative model, which partners small flight organizations with Baldwin’s established, experienced IS-BAO registered organization, removes the most obvious and significant barriers – the cost, time and personnel required to implement IS-BAO,” Baldwin summarized.

About Baldwin Aviation Safety & Compliance

Founded in 2004, Baldwin is a global company founded to support the implementation and maintenance of safety management and related systems for rotor, fixed wing, HAA, local, state and federal government, ground vehicles and maritime. Utilizing cutting edge proprietary technology supported by a team of experienced and credentialed aviation safety experts, Baldwin is considered the leader in the SMS industry. Visit for more information.

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