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​IHST: Bad Attitude Can Cause Accidents

Helicopter accidents happen when pilots allow themselves to take unnecessary risks, according to the International Helicopter Safety Team (IHST). “If pilots learn to recognize their attitudes for what they are, they can deal accordingly and operate safely.” The team clumps bad pilot attitudes into five distinct categories that help explain their drawbacks. “No one can tell me what to do” is an attitude found in people who may either be resentful of someone telling them what to do or may just regard rules, regulations and procedures as silly or unnecessary. The IHST acknowledges, however, that it is important to question authority if you recognize an error. “Do something–anything–quickly” comes from people who frequently do not stop to think about their actions and often don’t select the best alternative. “It won’t happen to me” types acknowledge that accidents happen but also believe they’ll never be involved. “Of course I can do it” people need to prove they’re better than everyone else and often take unnecessary risks. While this pattern is thought to be a male characteristic, the IHST says women are equally susceptible. “Whatever happens, happens” people do not see themselves making much difference in what happens to them. This type of person is known to go along with unreasonable requests just to be “nice.”

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