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Baldwin Aviation Introduces Pulsar Fatigue Metrics Into Risk Assessments

Pulsar Informatics fatigue measurement tool is integrated into Baldwin safety management programs

Baldwin Aviation of Hilton Head, South Carolina has added a new dimension to its Safety Management System (SMS) Risk Assessments by integrating flight and maintenance crew fatigue measurement through a direct link to Pulsar Informatics

Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS). The agreement between Baldwin and Pulsar will allow Baldwin’s users to open Pulsar’s Aviation Fatigue MeterTM web application from within the SMS management software. Aviation Fatigue MeterTM enables users to quickly input duty times and trip schedules in order to identify high fatigue risks as well as potential countermeasures for reducing fatigue risk where needed.

“We have great respect for the outstanding work that Pulsar Informatics has done in helping clients like NASA and the United States Navy manage fatigue risks,” said Don Baldwin, president of Baldwin Aviation. “The increased performance of business aircraft, especially when it comes to long-range operations, dictates the need for specific focus on this key aspect of safety management, and Pulsar is the leading provider of analysis, training and customized programs to address the issue. They represent the type of service and support we consistently strive to provide our clients, as well.”

“We are excited about Baldwin adopting Pulsar’s Aviation Fatigue MeterTM to further enhance Baldwin’s preflight fatigue assessment. Baldwin clients will see a link to Aviation Fatigue MeterTM during their preflight assessment, and can try the service for free as well as purchase a subscription to Aviation Fatigue Meter PRO for $15/month per user, which activates a suite of enhanced features” said Pulsar’s CEO, Daniel Mollicone, Ph.D.

Users of Aviation Fatigue MeterTM can identify fatigue hazards in flight operations with a scientifically validated, data-driven analysis that takes just a few minutes and causes minimal crew disruption. Pulsar also offers a software tool for easily assessing fatigue across a client’s entire scheduled operations as well as fatigue consulting and training programs tailored for aviation services professionals.

Baldwin Aviation is a recognized leader in developing and implementing customized safety management programs that comply with the stringent standards required for International Standard for Business Aviation Organizations (IS-BAO) certification and other regulatory authorities. Baldwin became the only IS-BAO registered SMS implementer in 2007, followed by Stage II registration in 2010. In 2013, Baldwin successfully met the requirements for a Stage III audit. In 2012, Baldwin became the 1st IS-BAO Support Services Affiliate (SSA) - further supporting Baldwin's leadership position by providing the assurance that Baldwin SMS programs meet or exceed regulatory compliance requirements. By developing flexible proprietary software, Baldwin Safety and Compliance is able to deliver a quality, customized safety management program tailored to each organization.

Pulsar Informatics, Inc. is an IS-BAO registered Support Services Affiliate. Pulsar develops tools and services founded on published scientific methods in the sleep science discipline. Pulsar has over a decade of fatigue science, research, and application development with many mission critical industry sectors and has worked closely with the FAA, NASA, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Transportation. As an industry leader in Fatigue Risk Management Systems and sleep science solutions, Pulsar Informatics partners with industry leading scheduling and SMS vendors to bring quantitative, scientifically proven fatigue risk measurement and management to aviation operations. Visit us at and

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