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Baldwin Safety & Compliance Collaborates with GE to Improve SMS Efficiency


Hilton Head Island, SC – September 25, 2023 — Baldwin Safety & Compliance announced it now integrates event data from GE’s Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) system. This integration marks a significant stride in providing effortless access to crucial safety information, eliminating the need to navigate across various platforms. By harnessing the power of the GE application programming interface (API), a multitude of flight event data points will seamlessly flow into the Baldwin safety system. This data will integrate the human and machine data within the Baldwin platform to analyze, track, and monitor safety events. 

Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA), also referred to as Flight Data Monitoring (FDM), is a process that routinely captures and analyzes flight recorder data, ultimately enhancing flight operation’s safety programs. Many aviation operators rely on GE’s patented analytics software that combines weather information, navigation, and terrain data to identify safety events and measurements involving thousands of flights daily.

Donald Baldwin, the founder of Baldwin Safety & Compliance, underlined the significance of this fresh development. He noted, “This new GE FOQA integration is another safety element to improve efficiency and takes us a step closer to realizing our vision of a unified system for comprehensive safety and operations management." 

Dr. Jason Starke, Director of Safety at Baldwin Safety & Compliance commented, “Simplifying the safety data gathering process is important, and the additional GE FOQA data equips users with the necessary tools to delve into event investigation and tracking. The Baldwin suite of tools will seamlessly handle the imported data for reporting and analysis that can be used to review or expand key safety performance indicators (SPI) and assurance charts.”

For more information or questions about this new GE FOQA data integration, contact us at or call 843-342-5434.

About Baldwin Safety & Compliance
Baldwin Safety & Compliance, a recognized leader in safety management with a rich history dating back to 2004, is now a proud member of the Portside Group. Baldwin has supported global transportation, manufacturing, and other industry organizations by crafting scalable and intuitive safety systems and related business support and training products designed specifically for their operations to encourage engaged safety cultures. Available 24/7, Baldwin’s team of experienced and credentialed safety professionals supports all facets of an organization’s safety and quality programs while conforming to international and State standards and regulatory requirements. Visit

About Portside
Portside, Inc. is a premier provider of modern software solutions for the business aviation industry.  Portside’s cloud-based operating system for business and government aviation is designed to support all aspects of flight operations, including scheduling and recordkeeping (Avianis, BART and PFM product lines), safety and quality management software (Baldwin), fleet and crew optimization (Portside Optimizer), data sharing, reporting and analytics (Portside Owner Portal / Budget & Planning Dashboard), customer billing (ExpensePulse), crew recruiting (Staffing Marketplace), and crew and passenger travel accommodations (Portside Services).  Portside supports over 1,000 operators of business jets, helicopters, medevac, industrial and government fleets, as well as fractional ownership programs, in over 30 countries.  For more information, contact us at or visit

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