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Managing Your Operational Safety:
Uncrewed Vehicle Systems

Airport Risk Management System (ARMS)

Airport Risk Management Systems (ARMS)

The FAA produced a Draft Advisory Circular (AC 150/5200-37A) in June of 2016 titled Safety Management Systems for Airports, which underscores the need for this type of service. In the AC they state, “The forecast growth in air transportation requires new measures and greater effort from all aviation service providers – including airport operators – to achieve continuing improvements to aviation safety. The use of an SMS at an airport can help this effort by increasing the likelihood that the airport operator will detect and correct safety problems before they result in an aircraft accident or incident.”


As a response to this AC, Baldwin Safety & Compliance expanded its safety services to assist Airport Management teams evaluate risks to their operations. The new service, Airport Risk Management Systems [ARMS], capitalizes on Baldwin’s decades of experience providing safety solutions to the aviation community both domestically and internationally. Whether a small local airport or a major commercial airport, Baldwin's ARMS program can help proactively identify hazards so the risks can be mitigated before they create an accident or incident leading to an insurance claim.

Regular on-site visits include walkthroughs of facilities and documentation of potential hazards that help determine the level of risk posed to your passengers, tenants/vendors and employees. Information is then gathered to produce a detailed report, including photos. The report is categorized based on the hazards identified, and recommendations for mitigating the risk exposures are made.


Baldwin's Safety software solution, if needed, can assist you in keeping track of all identified hazards until the risks have been mitigated to an acceptable level.


Additionally, Baldwin is uniquely situated to take your existing safety program to the next level and help you create and implement a fully functioning Safety Management System (SMS). We can provide a GAP analysis of your current safety program against the FAA / ICAO standards. We can then assist you in preparing your SMS manual utilizing our in-house Document Management program. The final step is to assist you with your Implementation plan. The process is a lengthy one when done correctly, but we help you manage it all by also providing you with our proprietary Safety software solution. The result will be a fully functioning SMS acceptable to the FAA!

Experience, integrity, and exceptional customer service make us a leader in Safety Solutions! Please contact us so we can show you how our Airport Risk Management  Services (ARMS) can benefit your company.

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