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  • Nancy Baldwin

Learn now about wildlife hazards - watch this!

A collision between an aircraft and wildlife is expensive and can be dangerous. A new CASA video explores the issues relating to bird and animal strikes and explains the work being done to minimise the risks. In Australia bird strikes that result in an aircraft being grounded cost about $45,000 per incident. Brian Greeves of Aviation Solutions says pilots need to learn more about wildlife to avoid the risks and must report all strikes so data can be collected and analysed. Phil Shaw of Avisure says knowledge about the species of birds being struck by aircraft is really important to help manage the problem. He says trends can be established and risks identified for particular species. Pilots also need to understand the behaviour of birds, such as whether they take off into the wind or down wind. If pilots see birds while flying they should use the radio to let other pilots in the area know of the potential risk. The video is part of a Flight Safety Australia feature on wildlife management.

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